Commercial Indoor Bike


Material: stainless steel

Aluminum steering wheel

Adjustment: 4 levels

Belt drive

Cushion fit: 250MM

Weight: 53 kg

Dimensions: 1400 * 560 * 1300 MM

Maximum user weight: 120 Kg.

transmission band

Magnetic Brake

Magnetic resistance.

Shaft diameter: 40mm

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Indoor Bike

  • Machine Size : 1370*536*1310MM
  • Packing Size :1250*960*280MM
  • Package : Carton Box
  • Transmission : Belt
  • The Adjustment of Handlebar & Seat : 250MM
  • Material Of Adjustment Parts : Aluminum
  • GW : 65KG NW:57KG

Shift to real riding

It is suitable for human body requirements, and it does not bother the waist.

The set protects the bodybuilder from going out during exercise and adhering to the concept of safe design. Some spinning bikes have a stretching function, which is more suitable for all kinds of people who are tall, thin and thin.